Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Eid Debate

For as long as I can remember, the night before Eid has always been the same. Everywhere you go, the conversation sounds a little like this.

"Was the moon sighted?"
"Is tommorrow Eid?"
"I can't fast another fast! I dont care if the moon isnt sighted - tommorrow is my Eid"

Well, whenever your eid was - be it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday - I would like to wish all my readers (I guess that would be you - Minaz) a wonderful Eid. May Allah accept all your duas - Ameen.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Useless Services

Asif came home yesterday quite excited about a service he had found out about - Google Text. Apparently, you can text Google a word and Google instantly texts you back with information about the chosen word. So Asif texted with word Manchester United to Google and Google texted back "They are the best" and "Beat Liverpool 2 - 0". Yes, I have to admit - I was excited about the wisdom of this device but nonetheless, what is the use of this service, which I have to add, you have to pay for? If I want to find out about the Man U game, I can just get onto the computer and find the information I need.
Asif's reaction to that was, "What if you are in the car?"
Okay, if I am in the car, I will wait till I get home and then get on the computer!"

So Asif continues to convince me.

"What if you need a number?"
"You dial 411!"
"What if you need an address?"
"I am sure Google does not provide such information" I responded. So we tried it.

We typed in the name of my school and sent it to Google and Google was unable to find the information! What a shocker!!

So seriously, apart from the instant gratification of you are receiving a text you paid for, what is the need for this service??

Should you feel the need to waste some money, the number is "46645". This new 5 digit number is changing lives, one text at a time - RIGHHHHT!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I was sitting at mosque a few days ago and something interesting caught my eye and I have been meaning share it with my non-existent readers (I am assuming their non existence as a result of a lack of comments :))

But anyway, during the amaals (prayers), it was said, "If your mothers are with you today, be good to them and take every opportunity to serve them". Well said! My thoughts wandered to my own mother. In front of me, there sat a woman and her daughter. Upon hearing these words, the mother in front of me poked her daughter, indicating to her daughter to pay close attention to the pearls of wisdom being heard over the awful sound system. The daughter looked at her mom and in jest, simply rolled her eyes! I loved it! Watching the two of them reminded me of the thousand pokes and little pinches I received as a child and the many rolling eyes I dutifully gave back to my mom. The pinches and sneers shared between mothers and daughters during adolescence is the new language of love - many fail to understand this language but it exists.

This love changes into the mushy, my mom is the best kind of love only after a separation like moving out, going away to school or marriage.

I then began thinking about the presence of my mother in my life. I realized the presence of many other wonderful women in my life who took or have taken the role of mothering me alongside my own mom. These women include my grandmother, my chachis, my mother in law, my acting mom-in-laws (in Canada), the lady who I fold chaddors with at mosque....the list continues.

I want to say a special thank you to all those absolutely amazing women - I honestly believe heaven is under the feet of these wonderful women. Thank you!

Monday, October 16, 2006

I Hate Mondays!

I am wondering about this awful day called Monday. I know the people who go to school, and the people who have a job allowing for a two day break begining Friday will understand how I feel about this day - I hate Mondays! It is an awful day. For some reason, it is always gloomy on Monday mornings and people are more angry on Mondays and it is just a depressing kind of day.... I could go on

What I am wondering is, how do the people who work on Saturday or Sunday feel about Monday? **This includes the people live in Dubai**

a. like /
b. do not like/
c. do not mind

Thanks for listening to my venting via blogger!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Word!!

Yesterday Asif and I sat watching documentary after documentary on TV (talk about lifeless); We saw one about terrorism in Pakistan, another about the Inca Trail. (Suk, I get it. I think I want to experience this world of The Lost Gods).

I just sat on our comfortable camel coloured sofa, half-watching, sort of listening and thinking. Despite knowing my love for watching commercials, Asif began channel surfing during the breaks. We stopped for a few seconds on channel 34 -TLC and one word had me hooked. The single word "Portugal" changed everything that evening. My body language changed from kinda listening, a little disinterested and spacy to attentive, excited and happy! I never imagined watching a documentary about the pilgrims who come to Fatima would be a cause of such excitement for me. Here I was, on a Wednesday night at 11:45pm, willingly learning about Christian doctrines simply because it was set in Portugal.

Now, I need to figure out why I am so obsessed with this country that - really, is not too obsessed with me!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Read Anything Good Lately

I was at a workshop this morning and I read a wonderful book called - Read Anything Good Lately. It is a simple alphabet picture book trying to express that reading is more than print in a book. Reading is everywhere - at the back of a cereal box, the sale sign in a shopping mall, listening to noises in the night etc. Reading is visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Reading is a rich experience.

The activity that followed was we had to create our own alphabet picture books. I will begin. Turn on your creativity and help me finish the alphabet!

Have you read anything good lately? Yes, I have. I have read:

A - Amaal for A shura in Arabia
B - Bell Canada Brochures in the Bath
C - Contest information on the Cornflakes Cereal Container
D - Doctor's Diagnosis on the the Door
E -

Lets keep in going guys. Notice the letters in bold print :)

Pee on the Floor

On Thursday, one of the kids in my class had an accident - whoops. She called me to her table and pointed to the floor. My eyes caught a light yellow liquid wandering on the floor - dangerously close to the carpet. ewwwww. The things we experience as teachers!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Click Here - Are you ready to travel?

Check out the link by clicking on the title to test if you ready to travel the world. It is a little quiz titled, "Don't Gross Out The World".

It's quite funny. I faired as quite ungross - very exciting information to add to my schema!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hump Day Dinner

It is 6:45pm on Wednesday. A table set for 15 greets me (Yes, I know. The table reservation was a little over ambitious since we only had a party of 8! Nonetheless....). Displayed on the dark wood tables are baskets filled with bread, platefuls of dates (khajuur) and feta cheese pierced with toothpicks. Lovely! Friends arrive soon after - some come laughing, others are a little shy. The time ticks slowly - it always ticks slowly when we wait. Hungry, we pore over the menus deciding what to order. Finally the food arrives. With the food, comes our sense of humour. The more we eat, the more relaxed the atmosphere gets. The more relaxed we get, the louder our laughter. This makes me wonder - can people get intoxicated from food and friends?

Anyway, when the clock struck 8:40pm, we all parted ways. Walking to the car, we make promises to meet more often. Jumping into the car, I think, For sure, I had so much fun! I can't wait for the next dinner and really, these dinners are not all jokes, we always learn from other.

1. Double frying fries make fries crispy - Thanks Shaista :)
2. Anyday is Shahida's birthday
3. There is someone in the mosque who looks like Arif Somji - Thanks Mehnaaz
4. Hump Day is the day of the week that is hardest to get through - Thanks Sameena and Minaz for clearing that up.
5. The best way to stay awake at 6:00am is to do dishes - Sorry Shel, you are alone on that one!
6. You can make mint tea by grinding mint leaves and adding it to tea. Make sure you strain the tea before drinking - Naila, I am coming over to yours to have this.
7. Shel makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
8. Shahida makes great dessert
9. You can always count on Sameena to pull out turkey guts for a Thanksgiving dinner

We even came up with a great business plan - Having a bake sale and tupperware party side by side!

What a bargain - laughter, friends, learning and food all for the low price of $17.50.

Thanks girls for a wonderful night.

You know what I am thinking - I will plan the next dinner on my blog. This way you all have to view my blog and comment on it - lol.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is my home away from home

The first day - The first morning message

Wonderful literature - refreshed each month

"What is the day today?" asked Ms. Fazal

Sorting my sorted books was a mission! The labels are already falling off my dollar store baskets!

The place of many wonderful creations (and many not so wonderful ones as well)