Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sights Around London

View from Asif Dahya's University - King's College

Statue of Gandhi in a beautiful park around the corner from Mehar's Uni

The River Thames

A News Agent With Style

This little newsagent is located in a little alley way along Piccadilly. While I am of no relation to the FAZAL of the newsagent, I was still filled with a sense of pride.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A roommate to remember

This is a picture of my roommate, Rene, and myself hanging out at the last comfort stop on our way to Madrid! Her life, strength and outlook is completely inspirational. Thank you!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Important phrases to know in Spain, Portugal and Morocco

One of the elements that make any language so endearing to me is its creolization.

Here are some phrases to help you fit into the local infrastructure of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Hola - Hello

Comos ta - How are you?

Moi bein - I am fine

Supa! Supa! - Super! Super! (needs to be said twice for emphasis)

Bonita! - Lovely

Ay - yay - yay
- Oh my!

Un tigre - A tiger(to be said to really fast bus drivers like Amilio)

Kisiara Churros Con Chocolatte Parfavour - Can I have Churros with Chocolate please?

Jugo sin alcohol
- Juice without alcohol

Vamoos Rapido - Let's go quickly

Piano, Piano - Slowly, Slowly (needs to be said twice for emphasis)

Musica Parfavour - Music please

Dominos! - Let's go!

Bon Dia - Good Morning in Portuguese

Desh cupe - Sorry in Portuguese

Obrigado - Thank You in Portuguese

BALAK - Move to the side quickly. There is a donkey coming through. This is the most important word in Morocco especially in the Madina in Fez

Salaam - Hello in Arabic

Shukran - Thank You in Arabic