Friday, May 05, 2006

Injury Sustained!

I have always avoided sports especially contact and team sports, but for some reason, I felt the need to try a new sport (watching tele was getting a little old). So I joined soccer. Every Friday, a few girls meet in a small primary school gym and we run and kick (a lot of times – we are kicking each other or the air) in desperate attempts to make contact with the ball.

What I have realized is the hardest position to play is definitely midfield. When I was playing defense, it was great. By the time the players get to me, they had lost momentum. Blocking the ball was not too hard as I Stood right in front of the player and kicked. In one swift move, my job was done. Playing forward was a little harder, but this time rather than blocking, I kicked the ball in the general area of the net and hoped someone from the middle would come and lead the ball in the right direction.

Well, with 15 minutes to go, I began to play midfield. First of all, I did not realize that you have to stand in the middle of the gym. Being in the middle, center of everyone’s attention, is hard to deal with. This is the position that showed everyone my lack of talent, skill and / or coordination. I didn’t know whether to move forward or go back! I still cannot understand the job description of a midfielder!

Then it dawned on me! I am the person that moves the ball from a general direction to a specific direction – the net! I could feel the pressure rise. I felt determined to do something. All of a sudden, I see my leg stretching towards the ball and I kick as hard as I can. Rather than hearing the gratifying “thump” of the ball, I felt pain.

As I limped into my car, I realized I had sustained my first soccer injury. At this time, I am feeling mixed emotions. I definitely am in pain but at the same time, I feel proud because I didn’t back down from the ball. Despite my feelings of empowerment, I think I will stick to defense.