Monday, December 18, 2006

In london ...

Our trip is beginning... my nerves are fine, however my nose is constantly running. I cant belive I am sick before we have even started our journey.

I am sitting at Heathrow, unimpressed with the duty free. Oh well. In London, we found out that a ton of ppl that we know will be coming to haj with us. I am starting to get excited.

With 3 mins remaining on my clock, I am going to sign off... I guess it will be me and Sheriyati for the rest of the trip.

With Love....

Friday, December 15, 2006

Walking Toward Death

After a week of "Ehram" troubles, I finally brought home my white dress that I will wear during the three days of haj. While I was not completely satisfied with the quality and end product, I decided that I no longer wanted to think on the ehram subject any longer. I went downstairs, poured unscented detergent in the washer, threw my clothes in and waited for the cycle to finish.

That evening, after the clothes my washed and I showed Asif my freshly, cleaned ehram. Asif said to me - "So thats your kafan". Oh my..I thought. If only I put as much time into my life serving Allah, as i put into making my death shrouds. It is scary to come to some understanding that this might be the end.

As Asif and I approach our departure date for hajj, we would like to ask you all to forgive us if we have hurt you in any way. Please pray that our hajj is accepted and that we return home safely inshallah.

With Love....