Friday, December 12, 2008

Almost a year and what a year!

So, it has been almost a year since my last blog. I am so shocked with how quickly time has flown and my nonchalant attitude towards my blog. I remember when I first began this blog, I was a vision of obsession - everything was a story, everything was "blogworthy".

Like my previous blogs, I am tempted to make excuses for not blogging but this time, I can't think of a single good excuse. This last year has been inspiring, eventful, and full of unexpected beautiful surprises that I wish I penned.

My experience of living Dubai has been incredible - a journey of new learning and opportunities for continued growth. One of the things I have dabbled in this year has been life coaching. One of my motivations for taking this accreditation was to get over my crazy fears - like dogs. While I am still scared of dogs, (and was almost attacked by one last week - I can still hear my scream of terror echoing in the street), I am excited to announce that I am looking to the future and unexpected with hope, courage and strength. I don't know what secrets the year ahead has hidden for me to experience, what jewels of wisdom I will learn, what new friendships I will discover, but I know I am ready and I am excited!

Looking forward to 2009!
With Love....

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Searching to learn

I promised to learn something new everyday in an effort to grow. Now if I am not going to mosque to get that information, I need to find something to learn on my own. And that is exactly what I did - only to find myself quite frustrated.

I sat in the kitchen at the island with a freshly made cup of Davidoff coffee sitting beside me. Equipped with my laptop, I sat and thought. I first went to Google and stared at the search bar. What key phrases was i to put "Daily inspiration", "Muharram"?? There were too many choices. I had to narrow it down. I had an idea - I needed to go back to where I learned best. My mom had told me that the lectures in Toronto were quite good so I searched the web for the Toronto website and found the lectures.

Excited, I picked the majlis that read, "How Sincere Simple Actions are Magnified". I loved how the topic sounded and couldn't wait to immerse myself int it. I pressed play and waited. I heard some Quran. Realizing it was Yaseeen, I looked for the forward button, but it did not operate. Finally it ended, followed by Dua e Kumail.

I am still listening to Dua e Kumail as i write this...what annoys me is my laptop battery will be over in 10 mins and my eyes are shutting. All I want is to listen to a lecture but I have to listen to the preamble before I can get to the core! This is not making lectures more accessible to people like me. All I want is the lecture. As listeners, we should have the ability to rewind and fast forward as we see fit.

Until I recharge my battery....

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Month Upon Us

Muharram is upon us. In this month, Shiite muslims mourn the death of their third Imam, Imam Hussein and his family. Muslims reflect on the character of Imam Hussein and his companions, drawing inspiration from them in an effort to gain spirituality.

As most of you know, I am not much of a mosquer - however this does not translate in not caring. It simply means I find other ways of connecting especially in this month. After giving it much thought, I decided - if I learned something new each day and tried to change one thing in my life in this month, I would have succeeded in this month. I want to share my learing with you all.

My Learning

1. Ways to make a house a home:

- Be a good cook
- Do not be a demanding wife
- Be cautious with money

- Be generous with money
- ...

hmm.. cant understand why I only remember one thing for the husband to do. I am sure there was more

Till the morrow, reflect on these points.

Coming To Dubai

Sheikh zayed road was empty. Not a car on the road, barely a soul on the streets. The usually busy city of Dubai became a "ghost town" on Monday January 14, 2008. Why I hear my non existent readers ask - b/c of U.S. President George Bush.

On Sunday, after a long weekend, I tumbled out of bed, sleep still in my eyes and faced the world. I was ready for a full week that consists of 5 days. On my calender, the next long weekend will be in March. What a long time to wait I thought to myself as I sipped the steeped tea in my "Second Cup" mug.

At the end of the day, a parent came into my class wondering if there was school on the next day.
"Why of course" I replied confidently thinking he was referring to a school closure due to the heavy downpour.
"All the roads are closed" he informed me promptly. I shrugged and shook my head. School was most definitely open the next day.

A half hour later, a text was sent to all staff and parents informing them that school would be closed as a security measure.

While I think it is quite silly for the whole economy to suffer because of one man and the whole city to find themselves under house arrest, I have to admit I LOVED it.

I am eagerly waiting for him to revisit Dubai. Thank you Bush for giving us a day off!